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Hi - my name is Firas Aouinet and I have my story to tell. Born on July 6 of 1995, it makes 25 years old at the time of editing this. 

I'd like to think of myself as a person of many talents, but we all like to think of ourselves as such, don't we?

So far, I have dabbled in a few fields of study. I studied a bit of multimedia Journalism at Southeast Missouri State University where I learned the basics of U.S journalism and honed both my writing and graphic design skills. I took group fitness instructing and personal training courses as well. Currently, I am a bioengineer and a freelance writer/social media manager.

I volunteered a lot as a young writer. Now, I'm proud of getting paid for it. I've worked in several industries from health and wellness, entertainment, and the NGO sector.

My abilities exceed just writing blog posts: I've written short stories, poems, video scripts, and social media posts. 

You're probably wondering why all of this matters. They say it's good to know the background of whom you're associating with. I'm laying it all in front of you because I'm looking to build a relationship with you.

What I do

In few words, I help. 

  • I help you rank higher in Google with SEO keywords writing and by providing engaging and original material shaped to the preference of your audience. 

  • I help to breathe life and giving relevance and aesthetic to your media through graphic design. 

  • I help you create and maintain your social media brand by sticking to/developing your social media strategy and engaging with your audience. 

Why it matters

With the overabundance of content on the web, you want your content to rank at the top of a Google search. You need someone who can build and/or increase the performance of your SEO marketing business and provide you with a written substance that satisfies your readers.

You also want to have aesthetic materiel (logo, newsletter, website) that is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. 

Bottom line

I'm your wingman for the job. 


Firas Aouinet.

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