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Book Review: Become Your Own Fact-Checker by Prof/Dr. Eric Sentell

I rarely read non-fiction, self-development books, or textbooks in general. However, this one grabbed my attention. For starters, it was written by one of my favorite professors. I know first-hand how good he is at what he does. Second, the book aligns with a career path that I'm passionate about.

The book delves, in simplified details, into the subject of proper communication. We can all agree (not really lol) that most of us struggle in that department. Some of us have trouble winning arguments or making sense of who's being truthful and who's trying to manipulate us.

This book is a blueprint for proper conversation navigation. Heck, the tagline says "How to Decide What to Believe in the Clutter of News, Noise, and Lies". And it delivers on its promise.

The book takes you on an expedition of Rhetoric. It starts off by explaining why arguing is healthy and finishes by showing you how to do so ethically. In between, you're taken on a progressive journey that traverses the shores of argument types and crossing the sea of logical fallacies. You get the chance to sightsee through the imagery of concrete examples adding value and understanding to the adventure.

Overall, this book is a must for every responsible individual who wants to get ahead in life, to vote better, to make better decisions in life, and to sort through the "clutter of news, noise, and lies".

You can order the book here:

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