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Save a buck on Starbucks

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

My fellow humans, what's the number one place to go to first thing in the morning to get your caffeine fix? STARBUCKS!

We love Starbucks, we love the plethora of beverage' choices  that it offers, and we consume it like addicts no matter what the cost, BECAUSE STARBUCKS!! — Sorry, I might've had too much Starbucks coffee, that Americano with an extra shot of Espresso is UMMM-GOOD!

Unfortunately, the majority of us being on the low side of economic stability, we find ourselves unable to consistently afford our favorite drink. 

Today, I present to you the Starbucks hacks that'll save you money and ensure the maximum possible purchasability of your beloved beverage.

1- Bring your own cup

That's right. I tested it out and it works. Bringing your own cup saves you 10 cents out of your purchase. 

In case you're wondering what makes the difference, the company takes multiple factors into consideration; primarily economic, and secondarily environmental. Plastic cups cost money to produce and plenty of resources are exhausted. As a result, an added layer of waste that's harmful to the planet is formed.

So if you have a travel mug, a thermos, or even your favorite mug from home, bring it with you, save yourself some money and save the planet some ailment.

2- Download the app or get a rewards card

That alone should earn you some free drinks, cost-less delicious treats, complimentary flavor shots, and a free birthday drink.

If you're clueless on how to obtain a rewards card, all that is required is at least a 3-times purchase per year. 

3- Split a Venti Frappucino with a friend instead of buying two separate tall Frappucinos

According to the Starbucks guide, a Venti iced Frappucino is roughly 24 ounces, whilst a tall Frappucino is 12 ounces. You do the math. Politely request two tall empty cups with your order but don't let the barista split the drink for you. It's said that they'd have to charge you for it.

4- Order the short size

Starbucks menus may not display it on their in-store menus but it definitely exists on their online guide and online menus. Save yourself some money and some calories. 

5- For coffee lovers: Make it at home 

Buying Starbucks' instant coffee is a good investment if you're looking to save money. Think of it this way: You're being charged for both the service and the product. By buying the product, you're saving the service's charge for a rainy day or your weed jar — whatever kind of savings you have, no judgment.

6- Befriend the baristas

This one's supposed to be famous. Quite a few of my friends told me that once they befriended the baristas, they started getting occasional freebies. It won't hurt you to try it. what's the worst thing that could happen out of it? EXACTLY!

Update: I did as I was advised. Guess what? Works like a charm. I've been offered a couple of free treats, got drink upgrades for free, and the chance to meet nice people! 

7- The refill tornado

Did you know you can get a 50-cent refill for both coffee and tea, hot or iced? That refill is for free if you're at the Green level with your Rewards card (using your card five times will get you there).

Here's the catch though: It has to be during the same visit. Once you leave that coffee shop, the opportunity is gone. 

8- Ease up on the ice

Okay technically this one won't save you money but rather win you an extra fill of your favorite drink (hold up, that does save you money!). 

If you're an iced beverage fan, order your drink with little ice. You really don't need a substantial amount of ice to freshen and chill your drink unless you're a brain-freeze junkie. End result? MORE OF THAT DELICIOUS DRINK. 

I said drink too much, didn't I?

9- Lay off the Frappucinos

This may contradict number 3 but a hack is a hack. What's the cure for your sweet tooth you say? Just add syrup shots. did you know that multiple syrup shots cost the same as one shot? It doesn't make sense, but it's totally legit.

10- Don't buy water

Emily Co, a writer for found out that the water and ice at Starbucks is triple-filtered. Talk about neat freaks! 

11- Hangout-with-friends hack

Order a French press coffee pot. Split it with your friends. Cheap and delicious! If you're a coffee addict, just drink the whole thing yourself. I won't judge you. I would encourage you!

Extra hack:

If you're trying to experiment with new drinks, try asking for a sample when the business is slow. The staff will gladly oblige. You can also try your luck at any other time but you're responsible for the increased rejection rate.

Update: They'll even let you sample some of their treats. They did so with me, so I wouldn't see why they wouldn't offer you the same courtesy (Unless you're a jackass!).

I hope that I was at the service of the greater good.

By now you should be locked and loaded to Starbucks responsibly. Have fun!

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