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 Balkis Chaabane -Advisor to the Writers' Council at IVolunteer International

Firas has contributed to the IVolunteer's blog as a guest blogger with two pieces that showed his skill as a writer. He was passionate about writing and commitment to every message he delivered. Firas showed professional work ethics. He was a good communicator and could understand my feedback and work on editing his piece in a timely manner. I think working with Firas can be a pleasant and fruitful experience.


Gregory Cooke - Historian and Filmmaker

Firas is creative, meticulous, and responsible. He was a worthy asset to our marketing team on a ticket-sale annual project. 

He was able to research, curate, and create content that was both entertaining and informative. 
While Firas' professional acumen was immensely valuable to achieving our goals, he was also a remarkable team player. Optimistic, humorous, and communicative, working with him was a breath of fresh air. 


Madelaine Romero - Wellbeing Coach and Owner of Live Life with Zest

Firas is a resourceful, creative and passionate writer. He has good communication skills, he’s honest and he tells me exactly what he thinks or shares ideas that he feels would benefit my work. 
After working with him, I believe him to be one of those people that thinks for himself, knows what he wants in life & goes after it. 
He continuously study life and is not afraid of failing. I commend him on his journey as a writer or any endeavor that he sets his mind to. 

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